April 1997 RailPAC Board Meeting

Mike McGinley retired on June 26, 2006, after a distinguished career as Los Angeles Metrolink/SCRRA Director of Engineering. In this photo Mr. McGinley joined in the discussion of Metrolink’s future plans at a RailPAC Board meeting on April 5, 1997 in Fullerton. Left to right, RailPAC director Anthony Lee, Mr. McGinley, director Noel Braymer, then-President […]

Byron Nordberg news release

RailPAC and URPA news release
Former President of RailPAC and currently a Vice President of URPA died of cancer January 30, 1997 in Oceanside, California.

Byron Nordberg was actively engaged in Rail Passenger advocacy and in Rail Passenger Consulting. He began his pro-passsenger rail activeties in the late 60’s by advocating the creation of a new […]