A policy idea presented for discussion and comment.20th February, 2007
From: Paul Dyson, President, RailPAC.


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Commentary by Noel T. Braymer
The great success of the combined RailPAC, NARP and The Transit Coalition meeting in Los Angeles on March 17th can be credited to the co-operation and sharing of resources by the different groups. Also shared by the groups is a general consensus for the importance of and need for expanded rail service in California and the Counrty. The ball started rolling you might say with RailPAC President Paul Dyson’s meeting with Amtrak President Kummant.

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The UP can fix ‘em FAST   April 1st, 2007

See photos of the bridge fire scene in the April Western Rail Passenger Review in the mail NOW.
Trains have returned to the bridge destroyed by fire near Sacramento. Union Pacific Sacramento Bridge Update Saturday, March 31, 2007

  • Main Track Two of the bridge approach was open for train traffic at 1a.m. PDT today.
  • Both lines are now open for trains to operate over the bridge at 10 mph, with the original maximum speed of 25 mph to be resumed in seven days.
  • All trains that were detoured are now operating on their normal
    routing. About 50 trains a day operate over the bridge.
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