Hybrid Technology for railroads

From Modern Railways with Comments added by RailPAC President, Paul Dyson
The following is an extract from the June 2007 edition of Modern Railways, the leading UK railway magazine. It was written by Roger Ford, a former traction engineer with the English Electric Company, and now technical editor of MR. It is reproduced with his […]

LOSSAN Corridor Board Meeting report

LOSSAN Board Meeting, Los Angeles, 06/13/07
Report and IMPORTANT COMMENTARY by Paul Dyson, RailPAC President

Although the meeting took place there was no quorum as Chairman Art Brown was taken ill en route to the meeting and there were too many other absences. The meeting could not therefore make any Board decisions, but heard the reports […]

Coast Rail Coordinating Council meeting report

Report and commentary from the TAC meeting, Santa Barbara, 6/8/07 by Paul Dyson Including news about the new car order!

The CRCC Technical Advisory Committee met at Santa Barbara last week, led by the indefatigable Peter Rodgers of SLOCOG. Also there were Royce Gotcher and Clem Bomar of Caltrans Division of Rail, Eileen Low […]

Monterey County Rail Policy Committee report

June 4, 2007, Transportation Agency for Monterey County Rail Policy Committee meeting
Report and commentary by Chris Flescher, RailPAC, Salinas

There is an interest in awarding Parsons another contract for planning work on the Monterey Branch Line. The contract would involve aerial photography to create more detailed maps of the area. There would be […]

New California rail PHOTOS

Photos from Southern California include the LA Gold Line, Santa Ana, Fullerton, and Santa Barbara. Posted mid-June, 2007.

A Los Angeles Gold Line train is at the Lincoln Heights/Cypress Park station. Notice the “transit oriented development” condos adjacent to this station. (Noel Braymer photo)

Quad gates at this Heritage Park station intersection provide […]

California Corridors May statistics

Provided by Gene Skoropowski, Managing Director, Capitol Corridor JPA.
We just received the May 2007 ridership results, and while California in total is ‘looking good’, the Capitol Corridor is skyrocketing! I am still in awe of where we are in riders.

Summary of May 2007 ridership and ticket revenue results for California state-supported service:
Capitol Corridor: