How’s the timekeeping on Amtrak trains 1 and 2?
A Report and commentary by Russ Jackson
Each month we have been charting on time performances of the Amtrak long distance trains that enter/leave California. This month its the Sunset Limited’s turn.

I know, it’s a losing fight, but several items have come to light […]

RailPAC promotes weekend Metrolink connections

Correspondence between RailPAC President Paul Dyson and SCRRA. The original message is at the bottom of this file.

Date: Mon, 8 Oct 2007 11:19:59 -0700 (PDT)
From: Paul Dyson
Subject: RE: Weekend Connections
To: Bob Berger, SCRRA Manager, Passenger Services
CC: Art Brown
Thank you for your very prompt reply. Having been through British Railways management training program […]

Skunk Train trip PHOTO report

October 16, 2007
Report and PHOTOS by Russ Jackson
The California & Western Railroad has been carrying passengers for 100 years! While passengers today are mostly tourists, some travel still occurs to the isolated locations enroute. Our trip on a rainy Tuesday was from Ft. Bragg to Northspur.

Currently service from Willits is suspended while […]

LOSSAN TAC Meeting Report and Commentary

October 16, 2007, Los Angeles
Report and Commentary by Paul Dyson
RailPAC President
NOTE: An important letter from Mr. Dyson to Caltrans Division of Rail Chief Bill Bronte is included in this report.
The technical Advisory Committee for LOSSAN met at Los Angeles on Tuesday 16th October. This was the first full meeting of the TAC since […]

Why we need to protect the Sunset route

Commentary by Paul Dyson, RailPAC President
Those of you who are NARP members will have received a letter from Matt Melzer, former RailPAC director and now Communications Associate at NARP HQ. Matt points out the ongoing threat to the Sunset Limited and calls for action by NARP members to draw attention to the danger […]

San Joaquin Meeting Report and News

Meeting Report, October 11, 2007
Bakersfield, California
Reported by Russ Jackson
RailPAC was well represented at the quarterly meeting of the San Joaquin Valley Rail Committee, led by Director Bruce Jenkins, and Associate Directors George Gaekle, Mike Barnbaum, and this writer. What made the meeting important was some news that we heard for […]

San Joaquin train station PHOTOS

From Sacramento to Bakersfield: two round trips daily on Amtrak California’s San Joaquin Valley trains. Here’s a look at all 10 intermediate stations, Lodi to Wasco, on this route. Photos were (mostly) taken 10/11/07 from the door of train 702, southbound, which departs Sacramento at 6:35 AM. That day ridership was light […]

Monterey County Rail October Meeting

TAMC Rail Policy Committee meeting
October 1, 2007, Salinas
Reported by Chris Flescher, RailPAC Associate Director
Most of the meeting consisted of two presentations. The first was from a planner who worked on the Sprinter project in North San Diego County. The second one was from a planner who works for Monterey Salinas Transit (MST), on […]

September CA Corridor stats and comments

September 2007 Results- and FY 2006-07 Capitol Corridor and California stats (our best year yet)
By Gene Skoropowski
Progress continues on the Capitol Corridor. We have just received the September 2007 stats from Amtrak, and the end-of-fiscal year stats as well. For California, they are very good. For the Capitol Corridor, the numbers continue […]