Featured Photos for 2007   December 31st, 2007

Lordsburg's train "station" Sacramento station has a new entrance without gates, ticket machines, hassle for drivers. The new parking lot entrance has no gates, no ticket machines, no validation machines, and no more hassle for drivers.  It's still paid parking, but you deal with a human now!
A new covered bus arrival area with marked bus lanes and assigned slots for each bus. These Capitol Corridor trains with P-32 locomotives are refueling at the Sacramento station.  P-32s are backup locomotives used while the regular locomotives are being shopped.  Caltrans owns two, and another is on loan from Amtrak. sac-station-bus.jpg
sac-station-p-32s.jpg sac-station-bus.jpg kummantanddyson-small.jpg
brontepic.jpg sprinter-at-oceanside-platform-nov-07.jpg christmas-tree-at-laus.jpg
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