RailPAC Endorses High Speed Rail bond issue and AB 3034

April 24, 2008
At its regular April Board meeting yesterday the Board of Directors of RailPAC unanimously endorsed the placing of the California High Speed Rail Bonds Initiative on the November, 2008 ballot. In addition the Board endorsed the provisions of AB 3034 which lays out various […]

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Rail Passenger Service is a Non-Partisan Issue

Editoral by Noel T. Braymer
With the Presidential Elections coming up at the end of this year, there is bound to be discussion of the positions the candidates have about Amtrak and rail passenger service. This has been highlighted by reports of opposition of the candidacy of John McCann by noted Conservative Republican and Rail Passenger […]

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Sacramento Valley Station upgrade meeting

“The tracks will be moved by 2010.”
Meeting May 1, 2008
Report and Photos by Marcia Johnston, RailPAC Director, Sacramento

I attended the presentation of the consultants on the upgrade of the Sacramento Valley Station. Here are some notes I took at the meeting, along with some photos of the panel members.

Panel members are as follows: [from […]

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