By RailPAC Director Bruce Jenkins and Treasurer Bill Kerby
Photos by Bill Kerby
The San Joaquin Valley Rail Committee meeting met in Richmond Thursday, July 17, 2008 at the Richmond Amtrak/BART Station.

During Public Comment, Mike Barnbaum (RailPAC Associate Director), made comments on menu items and food service as well as several other items that need […]

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RailPAC Roundtable PHOTOS

Reported by photographer Mike Palmer
Los Angeles Union Station was BUSY on Saturday, July 10. Lots of people on the trains. The line waiting for the Northbound Surfliner #775 around 2:45 (scheduled departure at 2:55) was very long. Metrolink had tons of people getting off the trains at the station.

The RailPAC Roundtable met […]

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Commentary by Paul Dyson, RailPAC President
Agreement uses Coaster train set on weekends to relieve two of the busiest beach and race track trains.

Starting next Saturday, July 19, A leased “Coaster” train set will operate as an “advanced” Amtrak 768 and 591 return between Santa Ana and San Diego, according to informed sources at Amtrak. […]

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California Corridors June statistics!

By Gene Skoropowski, Capitol Corridor Managing Director
The ridership and revenue numbers continue to be VERY GOOD across the board in California, and indeed across the nation. The June 2008 Capitol Corridor statistics from Amtrak are an all-time high for the month of June, as are the stats on the state’s other two intercity passenger […]

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The current status of passenger rail in Southern California:

Commentary by Paul Dyson, RailPAC President
Overcrowded Trains? No New Cars Available? Time to Use our Brains!

Here are a few statements that I believe reflect the current status of passenger rail in Southern California:
Demand is outstripping currently scheduled supply on most days.
While scarce Amtrak (Surfliner) equipment operates up to 18 hours a day, most […]

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RailPAC Saturday Roundtable Scheduled

Los Angeles Union Station
Join RailPAC President Paul Dyson, VP South James Smith, and others for an informal discussion of current issues relating to passenger rail! Look for us in the main waiting room, between the newsstand and the bagel shop.

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Are the Airlines Now Like the Railroads Were 50 Years Ago?

Editorial By Noel T. Braymer
The truth is the Airline Industry has never been profitable. While some airlines have made money some years, as a whole the industry loses money more often than it makes money. The recent spike in fuel costs has placed the Airline Industry into a tailspin. Several airlines have or are on […]

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RailPAC writes Caltrans re new Amtrak California Timetable

30th June, 2008
Mr. William Kempton
Director, California Department of Transportation
P.O. Box 942873, Sacramento, CA 94273-0001

Dear Mr. Kempton:
RailPAC’s Board met on Wednesday 25th of this month and directed me to write to you to express our deep disappointment with the new Amtrak California timetable. While we can all have our opinions as to style, […]

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