RailPAC President responds to LA Times article

1017 L Street PMB 217, Sacramento, CA 95814    www.railpac.org  Danger in “Signal Gaps”?

Your article today about signal gaps and the Chatsworth collision requires response. The facts about the locations of the signals in the Chatsworth vicinity are clear from your map yet your “experts” draw the wrong conclusions. For the benefit […]

RailPAC President’s Message

 RAIL PASSENGER ASSOCIATION OF CALIFORNIA  1017 L Street PMB 217, Sacramento, CA 95814  New Year message from Paul Dyson, RailPAC President:    I think it’s fair to say that RailPAC has had a moderately successful year in 2008, a year that has involved a lot of swimming upstream and around all sorts of obstacles.

We pass a bond […]

Rail Photos for Christmas

From Phoenix, Arizona; Santa Fe, New Mexico, Dallas-Ft. Worth Texas, and California.   Comments by Russ Jackson, RailPAC Secretary-Emeritus.   Photos by contibuting photographers with our thanks.

This year’s Christmas tree is from Phoenix on December 13.  (Photo by Gene Holmerud)

After the tree lighting ceremony “the second act was free rides that left the Central & Washington station” […]

Placer County Transportation report

Reported by Chuck Robuck, CC Riders President, RailPAC Member from Auburn
FYI, I attended this meeting as a CC Rider rep and wanted to give you a brief recap.

The purpose of the meeting was to reconstitute the Funding Strategy Steering Committee that had been established several years ago to look at Placer County Transportation needs, projects […]

CA Corridors November stats

Reported by Gene Skoropowski
In spite of the big Thanksgiving weekend travel surge, ridership growth for November 2008 in all of California was quite modest, likely reflecting the impacts of both the economic downturn, as well as falling gas prices.

Sustained on-time performance on the Capitol Corridor has helped keep riders, and improved on-time performance of the […]

Metrolink Weekend Schedule

RailPAC Letter from President Paul Dyson
December 4, 2008
Supervisor Mike Antonovich

The Hon. Ara Najarian
Mayor of the City of Glendale, California
Hon Art Brown
Council member, Buena Park
Via E-Mail


Dear Mayor Metrolink Board members:
What do we mean when we say that we can triple weekend travel options for no cost? By […]

Tracking the News: December 2008

. . . PHOTOS and Commentary by Russ Jackson
. . . December, 2008. Dare I say “what a month” again? What else can you say about a month that saw the election of a new direction for our country and presumably for passenger rail transportation, and the approval of many rail initiatives including RailPAC-supported high […]