Revisited: Sunset Limited “stations” at Deming and Lordsburg, NM and Benson, AZ

Spring Training 2010 Tucson rail photos 031

Report and Photos by Russ Jackson
Originally published in the April 2010 “Tracking the News”

In the June, 2007 issue of the Western Rail Passenger Review this writer described the pitiful condition of the places where Trains 1-2 “flag stop” at these three small communities between Tucson and El Paso.
At Deming there were two garden […]

TAMC Rail Policy Committee Meeting Report

March 1, 2010 Meeting
Reported by Chris Flescher, Associate Director

Salinas Intermodal Center (ITC)
Some significant changes for Salinas.
The previous plan was to have all the functions of the Monterey Salinas Transit (MST) transit center moved to the ITC.  That would require a lot of space for bus platforms.  MST is planning to retain their existing center (which is about […]

Joint RailPAC/NARP Meeting in Los Angeles

Steel Wheels in California

[ April 17, 2010; 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. ]

LOCATION: MTA Board Room at Gateway Center at Los Angeles Union Station


Registration Type:

Members $40.00 Non-Members $50.00

Registrars name:


Tom LaBonge, Los Angeles City Council Member

Opening Address
Ara Najarian, Chairman, Metro Board and Council Member, City of Glendale

High Speed Rail:  The Builders
Joshua Coran, Talgo Inc.
Armin […]