Remembering George Gaekle

George Gaekle at the RailPAC Annual Meeting in Oakland in April, 2003, seated next to our then youngest member, Matt Melzer.  (Russ Jackson photo)

By Russ Jackson, with contributions by Art Lloyd, Bruce Jenkins and several of his close friends

George Gaekle at the RailPAC Annual Meeting in Oakland in April 2003, seated next to our then youngest member, Matt Melzer (Russ Jackson photo)
George Gaekle, 88, passed away May 24, 2010.  He was a RailPAC Director and associate […]

TAMC Rail Policy Committee Meeting Report

May 3, 2010 Meeting
Reported by Chris Flescher, Associate Director
There was a recommendation to create an Ad Hoc Committee for proposed stations.  The group members would visit the sites of the proposed Castroville and Pajaro Stations, plus the existing Salinas train station.  The recommendation passed.

The RPC has recently met with the operators of the Capitol Corridor.  They will make […]

Redding: Come by Train and Bring Your Bike

What does Redding Offer the Traveler?
Report by Robert L. Reynolds

One of the most surprisingly attractive of the Starlight cities can be reached on that train only by dedicated night owls.  The Starlight stops in Redding in the dead of night, both directions (Northbound at 2:21 AM and Southbound at 3:14 AM).  Fortunately, the California Amtrak […]

Tracking Rail News: May 2010

Commentary and PHOTOS by Russ Jackson
. . . On Time Performance. April was again a good month for the Amtrak western long distance trains. There were more “on time” than late, but when it was late was it late! The big exceptions were #6, the California Zephyr, was almost 11 hours late into […]

UP Extortion Letter to CA Shows That FRA/Congressional Legislative Guidance Are Needed

Commentary by Dennis Lytton, Director
Earlier this week, the Union Pacific Railroad distributed to the media, particuarly the San Jose Mercury News, their letter to the Authority of April 23, 2010.  In it they outline their most forceful position thus far of not cooperating with high speed rail.

Significantly, their letter above asserts the following claims:

No overpass or […]

Transportation: Following the Money

Editorial by Noel T. Braymer

Raising money for any transportation project, but particularly rail passenger service is always difficult. Adding to the difficulties are the high price tags for many rail projects. Already there is increasing concern about the price tag for the California High Speed Rail project. There are estimates of 6 billion dollars for […]

Demonstrating Why We Need New Railcars Now: Amtrak #763

Commentary by Jarrod DellaChiesa, Director and Website Editor
On Saturday, May 15 Amtrak passengers were not allowed to board Pacific Surfliner #763 in Chatsworth.  Would-be passengers reported the Conductor designated the train as “overcrowded and unsafe”.  Ridership was high on this run due to passengers traveling to the Strawberry Festival.

We desperately need new railcars in order to […]

TAMC Rail Policy Committee Meeting Report

April 5, 2010 Meeting
Reported by Chris Flescher, Associate Director

Presentation from planners working on the HSR segment San Jose – Merced
In 2035, if the fare is at the lower planned level, then the expected ridership is 100 million people per year.  The run time from San Francisco to Los Angeles, phase 1, will be 2 hours […]

April California Intercity Passenger Rail Performance

AmtrakCA logo

Reported by David B. Kutrosky, Managing Director, CCJPA
After the first increase in 13 months, ridership for the Capitol Corridor in April 2010 was just slightly below April 2009 by 0.5%. As mentioned in previous monthly reports, the greatest impediment to ridership gains is the on-going mandate of three (3) Friday furloughs per month for state government employees (which also […]

Our Vision for Rail in California and Nevada

Proposed Passenger Rail System

CONNECTIONS!  It’s all about connections. Depending on your journey you may live close to a station that has a direct service to your destination.  But there’s a good chance that you’ll need to transfer, from bus to train, light rail to high speed rail, Surfliner to long distance Amtrak.  RailPAC’s campaign is all about […]