Coast Starlight Communities NetworkMay 6, 2010 — The Coast Starlight is one of Amtrak’s 15 long-distance passenger rail routes, serving 27 cities between Los Angeles and Seattle.  The route has been described as “one of the most fascinating journeys on the West Coast. It will take your breath away.” The route offers unparalleled experiences of the western states as well as incredible untapped potential as a tool for improved mobility.  The Coast Starlight has been a proud West Coast asset for nearly thirty-nine years and, as it prepares to enter its fourth decade of service, still has much potential for growth.  Like Amtrak’s other long-distance rail routes, the Coast Starlight suffers from chronic underfunding and under-investment.

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April 29, 2010 Meeting in Fresno

Reported by Michael Barnbaum, Associate Director

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