eNewsletter for October 24, 2011

In the article California High Speed Rail Authority CEO Roelof van Ark “said private investors, including rail operators and construction companies from Europe and Asia, have voiced interest in high-speed rail. The catch: Investors want to see a link to San Francisco or Los Angeles closer to completion before they put in billions, he said. It […]

Amtrak 40th Anniversary Exhibit Train… Coming soon!

Exhibit Train Schedule for the West Coast
Can you hear the sound of a whistle? To commemorate our 40th Anniversary, we’ve put together a special train with displays of photos, uniforms, china, and memorabilia from America’s Railroad? while also offering a glimpse into the future.

The Amtrak Exhibit Train is coming soon to a station near […]

Big Changes coming for California High Speed Rail?

Opinion by Noel T. Braymer
There are hints that the revised Business Plan now due on November 1st for the California High Speed Rail Project will reflect current economic realities. The October 16th Wall Street Journal reports the project will be built incrementally with greater use of existing track. The possibility that the new trackage could […]

eNewsletter for October 17, 2011

Planning for the San Joaquin Valley alignment has been ongoing for at least 5 years. If the people in the Valley and the High Speed Rail Authority can’t come to an agreement soon on where to build HSR, there are plenty of other places which are ready to take the money and run with it. […]

Update: Texas Eagle burglarized at San Antonio

Gene Poon has updated this story for us, giving more details of a story that has implications for Sunset Limited/Texas Eagle passengers going through San Antonio and laying overnight on the train there.

San Antonio Police reportedly have gotten some suspects to talk about
how the Texas Eagle was burglarized, and passenger hand baggage stolen
while the train […]

September 2011 CA Intercity Passenger Rail Performance

Reported by David B. Kutrosky, Managing Director, Capitol Corridor Joint Powers Authority

Continuing the positive trend from the previous nineteen months, the Capitol Corridor performance in September 2011 maintained a steady upward trend compared to September 2010. September 2011 ridership was 145,894 an 11 % increase over September 2010. Revenue showed even better results with […]

Enewsletter EXTRA: LOSSAN new services

The following material are highlights from the information package included in the Agenda for the Board Meeting for the LOSSAN Rail Corridor Agency held on September 28, 2011 in Los Angeles. This material is posted on the LOSSAN web site.

Enewsletter EXTRA LOSSAN
The above copy of this enewletter is on a PDF file and  you will […]

eNewsletter for October 10, 2011

Could HSR derail Hanford Amtrak station?
Hanford Sentinel – Eiji Yamashita Oct 4, 2011
Rail officials predict negligible impact from the switch, while many locals consider the existing Amtrak train system as a key component of Hanford’s …
It seems the plan for HSR assumes the elimination of the San Joaquin Trains. This would leave several communities in […]

Sacramento Rail station improvements underway

Commentary and photos by Russ Jackson, RailPAC

Did you know the very busy Sacramento Valley Rail Station, known today as the Sacramento Amtrak Station on I Street, was built in the 1920’s on a lake bed? That lake, called “China Slough” and “Sutter Lake,” was filled in when the current historic station that still serves […]