eNewsletter for November 21, 2011

This is the way progress has always been made in California for rail service, one grant at a time. A million here and a million there and soon you are talking real money. Local projects and High Speed Rail will continue to be built one step at a time. When you try to build rail […]

Congratulations Union Pacific: Steam arrives in Indio, Thursday November 17, 2011

Report and photos by Robert Manning, RailPAC Executive VP
The temporary Transportation Center in the heart of downtown Indio, witnessed more people then anyone could have imagined on this special day. Two temporary modular buildings now house the Greyhound bus station and the future passenger train facility which will be built.

UP 844 arriving at site […]

eNewsletter for November 14, 2011

 Lately there has been a great deal of hysteria about the possible 98 billion dollar price tag for California High Speed Rail adjusted for inflation for an 800 mile system. Below the radar  are plans by Amtrak to build a new 200 mph plus High Speed Rail line on the 457 miles between Boston and […]

September 2011 Amtrak California Trip Report, Part I

Traveling The Web Of California Bus/Rail Connections
Report and Comments by Ralph James

I. Trip Overview
A fairly unusual circumstance set up the opportunity for a round trip on Amtrak California beginning and ending at the “away” terminal of Grover Beach and turning at the “home” terminals of Auburn and Colfax. Due to the limited schedule […]

September 2011 Amtrak California Trip Report, Part II

Traveling The Web Of California Bus/Rail Connections
Report and Comments by Ralph James

II. Perspective from the Foothills
Given the difficulties of using Amtrak and Amtrak California between the foothills east of Sacramento and the Central Coast illustrated in the preceding trip report (Part I), what would acceptable service look like and how might it be incrementally […]

eNewsletter for November 7, 2011

 I have it on good authority that Boardman, in discussions with his top aides, defines Amtrak’s priorities toward train service as Northeast Corridor first, state-supported short-distance trains second, and long-distance trains a distant third. Were I in his shoes, I’d do the same thing. There was also a defining moment in a Senate hearing this […]

What’s it like to ride the train?

Commentary and Trip Report by Dana Hawkes
I am taking the train from LA to Houston. It is nearly universal that people are surprised, they have never taken a long distance train ride, and they are very curious about what it is like, and when they learn it takes longer than a plane they […]

Enewsletter for October 31, 2011

What will the future hold for Palmdale? Metrolink is studying running trains at speeds over 100 miles per hours to Palmdale. The Las Vegas High Speed Train to Victorville is closer to starting construction next year: a connection to Palmdale make sense for that service. It looks more likely that future Higher Speed Rail service […]