eNewsletter for March 26, 2012

STOCKTON, Calif. (KCRA) — A spokesman with the San Joaquin Regional Rail Commission, which runs the Altamont Commuter Express, said legislation is in the works to take over the San Joaquin’s Amtrak line…The Joint Powers Authority would be the governing board, made up of 11 members from the counties where the Amtrak line currently runs. […]

eNewsletter for March 12, 2012

At the end of February and start of March there were confusing headlines about the California High Speed Rail Project. Based on a memo by the chief counsel of the California High Speed Rail Authority Thomas Fellenz, there were headlines saying start of construction was being delayed from this Summer until Spring 2013 in the […]

eNewsletter for March 5, 2012

Express train 599 is suppose to run from San Diego to Los Angeles in 2 hours and 28 minutes with 4 intermediate stops. The first Amtrak train out of San Diego the 763 is scheduled to get to Los Angeles in 2 hours 40 minutes with 7 intermediate stops. What is really pathetic is that […]

ENewsletter for February 27, 2012

An engine died in Kansas. So what else is new? Southwest Chief train #3 that departed Chicago on February 20, 2012, arrived in Fullerton 8 hours 10 minutes late, and because of the end-of-run padding it arrived at Los Angeles Union Station 6 hours 58 minutes late..

February 27, 2012
The above copy of this enewletter is on […]