eNewsletter for August 27, 2012

Train Stations make a major impact on a town’s development and economy. …This is the view by 2007. … The freight yard had been replaced with station/beach parking. On the right hand side a station parking structure had replaced the old World War II temporary station. On the left in the background is a new […]

eNewsletter for August 20, 2012

By extending the Green Line from Old Town past the Santa Fe Depot to the 12th and Imperial Transfer Station it be possible to travel anywhere on the Trolley with just one transfer. For many riders this is a much faster ride bypassing the slow street running on 12th and on C Street. The Blue […]

The Good News about Passenger Trains

Opinion and photos  by Noel T. Braymer
The Good News is that more towns across America are discovering the economic value of rail service and of having a train station in their communities. In the news are stories of towns along the Gulf Coast banding together to work towards restarting rail passenger service between New Orleans […]

eNewsletter for August 13, 2012

I can’t comment on Amtrak’s Food Service but I recommend the link to the article in this issue Amtrak food and beverage service; real facts and figures . The problem with the cost of food service is we don’t know what costs are being charged by Amtrak for it. This is a quote from The […]

Amtrak’s Food & Beverage service is under fire; what can they do? How about 24 hour service, “When You’re Hungry, You’re Hungry”!

Commentary by Russ Jackson, RailPAC-URPA, Dallas, Texas

Food and Beverage availability on long distance trains is essential and its existence is not negotiable; only the “how it is done” is.
Problem stated
“On Amtrak’s western long distance trains, the average trip spans three to four meal periods. People may want to go fast, but not to have to […]

eNewsletter for August 6, 2012

Amtrak’s Food Lost Taxpayers $834 Million in 10 Years, Mica Says   Bloomberg – Aug 2, 2012 Amtrak lost $84.5 million selling food and beverages last year and $833.8 million over 10 years, House Transportation and Infrastructure Chairman John Mica said, calling for a “better way” to run those operations. It costs taxpayers $3.40 for each […]

Steel Wheels Conference is Coming!


Come to Sacramento for the annual joint Steel Wheels Conference in the Stanford Gallery at the California State Railroad Museum from 1 until 4 PM, Saturday September 15th.
Early Bird registration ends August 31! See below for details.A lively and informative discussion will cover long-distance train service as well as the early phases […]

How Fast can the Surfliners go?

Opinion by Noel T. Braymer
For over 30 years the goal has been to run rail passenger service the 128 miles between Los Angeles and San Diego through Orange County in under 2 hours. To do this will require speeds of 110 miles per hour with PTC signalling as well as  run-through tracks at Los Angeles […]

eNewsletter for July 30, 2012

Construction is almost finished for the return of Platform 7 and Tracks 13 and 14 at LAUS. These and Track 15 will be needed for the construction of run-through tracks which will take Tracks 3,4,5 and 6 out of service because they will have to be raised for the run-through project.

July 30,2012 Part 1   July […]