eNewsletter for October 22, 2012

Amtrak snack bars lost $84.5 million last year; $833 million in 10 years Washington Examiner-Oct 16, 2012 Federal spending over the past 20 years has surged 71 percent faster than inflation, much of it on bloated and wasteful programs and services, …The use of Fully Allocated Accounting by Amtrak opens it to these misleading headlines. […]

PHOTOS of the Month: October, 2012

5 new Rail PHOTOS taken by RailPAC Photographers!

Amtrak’s Capitol Limited arrives at Cumberland, Maryland, on September 28, 2012. Lots of CSX trackwork in the area caused 90 minute delays, but the tracks are much smoother. Photo by Mike Palmer.


The Galloping Goose is now running on the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic in northern New […]

Caltrain Modernization Program

Report by Bruce Jenkins, RailPAC Director
Caltrain is the commuter railroad operating on it’s own Right of Way (RoW) from San Francisco to San Jose with a limited six train service further south to Gilroy on Union Pacific RoW. The San Francisco/San Jose leg has been a rail commuter line since 1863 and was known […]

Where I Would Like to Go by Train; but Can’t

By Noel T. BraymerÂ
The best places to go to by train are those with lots of traffic, congestion and expensive parking. One place like that which is hard in California to go to by train are airports. There are several California airports with transit connections to train stations. The last time I tried to take the […]

eNewsletter for October 15, 2012

The diner was operated by a crew of four—two chefs and two waitresses, who, fortunately for the passengers who had paid thousands of dollars for the privilege of riding, worked their tails off to feed everyone. (That is not an exaggeration—the last bedrooms sold for the astonishing price of $1,478 on top of the rail […]

YES, Long-Distance Amtrak Trains are Crowded!

Trip Report on the Southwest Chief and the Empire Builder
Commentary by Andrew C. Selden, MinnARP, Minneapolis

Recently I rode Los Angeles-Chicago on Amtrak’s Southwest Chief #4 over a weekend and it was jammed the entire way. There were two sleepers and just two coaches, which the crew—conductor and service crew alike—reported was a standard seasonal […]