eNewsletter for October 8, 2012

Big-rig driver can’t explain how Amtrak crash happened Morris Daily Herald-Oct 3, 2012 HANFORD, Calif. (MCT) — The driver who slammed his big rig into an Amtrak train Monday afternoon in central California wasn’t impaired at … Perhaps what is needed is PTC: Positive TRUCK Control to keep truckers from driving into occupied rail crossings! NB

October 8, 2012 […]

Why RailPAC supports High Speed Rail; Why RailPAC is not a cheerleader for the CHSRA

Why RailPAC supports High Speed Rail
Why RailPAC is not a cheerleader for the CHSRA

We have been asked many times about our support for the California High Speed Rail program, particularly as we have always supported an incremental approach to intercity passenger train development. It’s a fair question and one that will receive a qualified […]

What is the Future of the Pacific Surfliners?

Opinion by Noel T. Braymer
With the Governor’s signing of SB 1225, LOSSAN now has the legal authority to reorganize itself into a Joint Powers Authority. This will give it administrative control over the Pacific Surfliners instead of Caltrans as well as financial responsibility for those trains. Since the legislation allows but doesn’t mandate the creation […]

eNewslettter for October 1, 2012

The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) on behalf of the departments of transportation from Illinois, Michigan, and Missouri issued a Notice of Intent to Award today to Sumitomo Corporation of America to design, build, and deliver 130 bi-level passenger railcars for use in regional intercity rail corridors in California and the Midwest. The Notice of […]

RailPAC Photos of the Month (September 2012)

Each month we will select some recent photos, and/or archived photos by RailPAC photographers.

1. Capitol Corridor trainset on the new tracks at the Sacramento train station, Sept. 15, 2012. Historic SP shops, now owned by the California State Rail Museum, wait for development as the Museum of Rail Technology. (Photo by Russ […]