How Profitable is the NEC?

Report by Noel T. Braymer
According to Amtrak’s 2011 Fiscal Year their NEC Passenger Trains grossed just over 1 billion dollars. Revenue that year was roughly split evenly between the Acela Trains and the conventional Northeast Regional Trains. In 2011 according to Amtrak the Acelas covered their fully allocated costs and had an operating profit of […]

eNewsletter for November 19, 2012

California bullet train moves forward, judge denies farmers’ plea to …San Jose Mercury News- Nov 16, 2012 SACRAMENTO — California’s $69 billion bullet train will continue zooming toward a groundbreaking next year after a judge on Friday denied a …

November 19, 2012 Part 1   November 19, 2012 Part 2
The above copy of this enewletter is on […]

What’s next for LOSSAN?

By Paul Dyson
President, Rail Passenger Association of California and Nevada
The LOSSAN Board met Monday 19th November in the wake of the unanimous decision by NCTD on Thursday 15th to reject the proposed Joint Powers Board. Some of the reasons: The expected $79,000 share of the cost to set up the agency, and, after over […]

PHOTOS of the MONTH from RailPAC (November)

Here are 5 photos taken by RailPAC photographers. Clic on the photo to see it full size!

1. The Coast Starlight in the Cascade Mountains of Oregon in October, 2012. Photo by Alexander Friedman.

2. The eastbound California Zephyr has arrived at Sacramento’s new platform on September 15, 2012. RailPAC in action: Two […]

Better Bus connections to LAX from Trains

Report by Noel T. Braymer
Los Angeles World Airports is the city agency which operates the airports owned by the City of Los Angeles including LAX. The LAWA also operates the Flyaway bus service which provides direct connections to LAX.  The busiest Flyaway bus service is at Van Nuys where the LAWA has a satellite parking […]

eNewsletter for November 12, 2012

This is the current planning for development at LAUS. Like Sacramento there are plans for office buildings and another sports arena. Los Angeles has 3 sports arenas already and plans for a NFL Stadium without a team. A station’s first need is to be for transportation! Also needed are shops, services and recreation for travelers, […]

Train Trip to LAUS and Lancaster

Report by Noel T. Braymer with Photos
Nothing beats going out and riding the trains to see what is going on by finding problems and improvements of local rail service. It is the only way to get photos of what is going too. Well I got to bed early for me just after midnight planning to […]

eNewsletter for November 5, 2012

With the National Elections upon us I think I speak for most rail passenger supporters in appreciating the efforts and funding for improving rail passenger service by our elected officials. But I also realize that given the unstable nature of politics that we can’t depend on partisan politics to complete a truly extensive, economical and […]