eNewsletter for April 22, 2013

AMTRAK’S NEW COST ACCOUNTING SYSTEM IS A SIGNIFICANT IMPROVEMENT BUT CONCERNS OVER PRECISION AND LONG TERM VIABILITY REMAIN  In 2010, Amtrak implemented its new system, Amtrak’s Performance Tracking (APT), which is based on a cost methodology developed jointly by FRA and Amtrak, to track and report on its financial performance… Amtrak is unable to assign a […]

Capitol Corridor Monthly Report (March, 2013)

And other California Corridor statistics.
Reported by DAVID B. KUTROSKY, Managing Director

Ridership for FY2013 continues to drop compared to last year’s historical
highs. For March 2013, 145,271 passengers used the Capitol Corridor,
representing a 4.7% drop compared to March 2012. Revenue for March 2013 has
showed a negligible decrease of 0.4% versus March 2012. On-time
performance (OTP) continued […]

eNewsletter for April 15, 2013

It is amazing that the mechanics and the NCTD engineer in charge of Sprinter maintenance knew only a year after the start of Sprinter service that there was a problem with these rotors, but not management. In 2009 this engineer was contacting manufacturers about replacement rotors and it was 3 years before he got a […]

eNewsletter for April 8, 2013

The western trains ALL cover their variable and direct fixed costs of operations handily, but fail only to cover Amtrak’s allocations of system fixed costs which exist irrespective of the fact or volume of long distance train operations. It is still the case also that Amtrak deliberately misallocates substantial shares of NEC fixed costs to […]

RailPAC President writes CPUC re Sprinter

Mr. Michael R. Peevey 8th April, 2013
California Public Utilities Commission
505 Van Ness Avenue
San Francisco CA 94102
Dear President Peevey:

The Rail Passenger Association of California is a non-profit, 501c3 California Corporation active since 1977 in promoting passenger rail.
I am writing to request that you initiate a thorough inquiry into the […]

The complicated history of the Sprinter

Report and Photo by Noel T. Braymer, RailPAC e-newsletter Editor
The Sprinter started out as a simple project to serve the 22 miles between Oceanside and Escondido. The original proposal by RailPAC’s Byron Nordberg back in the 1980’s was to rebuild the existing single tracked short line railroad between these 2 cities for about 70-80 million […]

RailPAC President writes Caltrans about the Surfliners becoming Coasters

NOTE: This letter from Paul Dyson and Noel Braymer’s article below express the RailPAC opinions on this subject.
8th April, 2013
Mr. William D. Bronte,
Chief, Division of Rail
Department of Transportation
1120 N Street MS 74
Sacramento, CA 95814
Surfliner: Degrading Intercity Schedules to cover gaps in Commuter Service a bad policy and contrary to State Rail Plan
Dear Mr. Bronte:

RailPAC […]