Rail Photos of the Month – March 2014

Here are this month’s photos by RailPAC photographers. Click on each photo to see it full size! Contributions to this page are welcome. Send your jpeg rail photos to Russ Jackson, RailPAC Photo Editor, at info@railpac.org.


Work is underway at the Sacramento Valley Station, as experts begin to restore the historic mural. Small portions of […]

Paul Dyson Testifies at Senate Select Committee on Passenger Rail

On March 19th, Paul Dyson represented RailPAC and NARP while testifying before the Senate Select Committee on Passenger Rail.

Video on Demand
Click here to view the March 19, 2014 California Senate Select Committee on Passenger Rail.  Paul Dyson’s testimony starts at the 1 hour and 35 minute mark.
Official Testimony:
Chair Jackson, Honorable Senators, my name is Paul Dyson, […]

Pasadena is a Great Rail Destination

Story and Photos By Noel T. Braymer
Most modern train stations are little more than parking lots with platforms far away from someplace people want to go to. Your busier stations are transportation centers with good connections to other trains and other travel modes like bus and rail transit. Few train stations today are destinations. People […]

eNewsletter for March 24, 2014

Squirrel Blamed for San Jose Power Outage NBC Bay Area – Mar 19, 2014
One of the customers affected was Caltrain’s San Jose dispatching center, according to Tell. The outage caused the dispatching center to fail and led trains to stop, causing major system-wide delays.

March 24, 2014
The above copy of this enewletter is on a PDF file […]

Capitol Corridor Monthly Report (February, 2014)

Reported by David B. Kutrosky, Managing Director
Capitol Corridor Joint Powers Authority

Service Performance Overview
Capitol Corridor ridership and revenue for February 2014 were slightly below last February’s results: -1.6% and -2.7%, respectively. A total of 104,308 trips were made on the Capitol Corridor in February 2014 vs. 105,964 in February 2013. I attribute this decline in […]

eNewsletter for March 17, 2014

One of the changes coming to Union Station will be the end of Gates E and F at the mouth of the tunnel to the platforms.Amtrak passengers now wait in line behind these gates for their trains. Amtrak passengers will be encouraged to sit in the waiting room until their train is called. This will […]

Amtrak budget request hits the Long Distance trains with a cost shift that doesn’t make sense

Report and Commentary by Russ Jackson and Andrew C. Selden, URPA
Amtrak published its budget request for the year beginning October, 2014, on March 18. To read the full document, go to this site: http://www.amtrak.com/ccurl/412/537/Amtrak-FY2015-Federal-Budget-Request-ATK-14-028,0.pdf In summary, here is what Amtrak has in store for the western Long Distance Business Line, which includes […]