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Amtrak, the states, and the future of the short distance trains

MinnARP President’s Column; Commentary by Andrew Selden
NOTE: Mr. Selden has been a frequent speaker at RailPAC Conferences

The long, suffocating death-grip that Amtrak has had over America’s intercity passenger rail service for the last 40 years may be starting to come undone. The agent of change driving this potential revolution is frustration among the state […]

The Southwest Chief: a “Rose-y” mid-summer update

Report and Commentary by Russ Jackson, RailPAC
Opinions expressed are those of the author and not necessarily those of the RailPAC Board

Here it is mid-summer, 2014, and no final decisions have been made about the future of Amtrak’s Southwest Chief; whether it will continue to run on its historic route west of Newton, Kansas to Albuquerque, […]

Sunset Limited in jeopardy is serious business: Part 2, Comments from the Texas Rail Advocates

NOTE: Reprinted with permission of Peter LeCody and the TRA, from their website: www.Texasrailadvocates.org

(Washington) In a last minute voice vote on the House appropriations bill for transportation, Texas Representative Pete Sessions (R-District 33-Dallas) succeeded in his efforts to kill an Amtrak route that has been a financial target of the long distance trains. […]

A quick look at the Future of the San Joaquin’s

Complied by Noel T. Braymer
Recently the board of the new San Joaquin Joint Powers Authority approved their first Business Plan for the San Joaquin Trains. There is a great deal of  information in the 156 page packet which includes comments of the draft and the revised final draft of the Business Plan showing changes from […]

The Sunset Limited and Food & Beverage service are threatened by House amendments

Commentary by Paul Dyson
President, Rail Passenger Association of California and Nevada
House amendments to kill the Sunset and remove food service will accelerate the demise of the Superliner network. This is not a drill!
Let’s not kid ourselves. It’s easy to say we have been through this before, many times over the past forty years, and Amtrak […]

Tuesday was not a good day for the Sunset Limited

Commentary by Russ Jackson, RailPAC, Dallas
All passenger rail advocates know Amtrak’s Sunset Limited travels between New Orleans and Los Angeles three times a week in each direction. Many of us ride it. We all know that these trains run with full cars most of the route and that not everyone rides the full […]