The Sunset Limited and Food & Beverage service are threatened by House amendments

Commentary by Paul Dyson
President, Rail Passenger Association of California and Nevada
House amendments to kill the Sunset and remove food service will accelerate the demise of the Superliner network. This is not a drill!
Let’s not kid ourselves. It’s easy to say we have been through this before, many times over the past forty years, and Amtrak [...]

Tuesday was not a good day for the Sunset Limited

Commentary by Russ Jackson, RailPAC, Dallas
All passenger rail advocates know Amtrak’s Sunset Limited travels between New Orleans and Los Angeles three times a week in each direction. Many of us ride it. We all know that these trains run with full cars most of the route and that not everyone rides the full [...]

Cap and Trade Funds

Paul Dyson
You know that a program has established itself when it sports an acronym.  Cap and Trade is now CnT (or CapnTrade to others) and has everyone at the State Capitol excited as it appears to represent a way to pay for a lot of people’s favorite environmental programs.  As I write in mid-May there [...]

Rail Photos of the Month: April 2014

Here are this month’s photos by RailPAC photographers. Click on each photo to see it full size! Contributions to this page are welcome. Send your jpeg rail photos to Russ Jackson, RailPAC Photo Editor, at


This is one of the new departure boards now installed at Los Angeles Union Station in the ongoing remodeling [...]

May Day means Amtrak Day #1

Commentary By Bruce Richardson, URPA
Once again, for the 43rd time, here we are on May Day, the anniversary of the official day of Amtrak operations beginning on May 1, 1971. It was the day most of the still-operating passenger trains in the country disappeared, and the freight railroads breathed a sigh of relief because the [...]

Paul Dyson Testifies at Senate Select Committee on Passenger Rail

On March 19th, Paul Dyson represented RailPAC and NARP while testifying before the Senate Select Committee on Passenger Rail.

Video on Demand
Click here to view the March 19, 2014 California Senate Select Committee on Passenger Rail.  Paul Dyson’s testimony starts at the 1 hour and 35 minute mark.
Official Testimony:
Chair Jackson, Honorable Senators, my name is Paul Dyson, [...]

Amtrak budget request hits the Long Distance trains with a cost shift that doesn’t make sense

Report and Commentary by Russ Jackson and Andrew C. Selden, URPA
Amtrak published its budget request for the year beginning October, 2014, on March 18. To read the full document, go to this site:,0.pdf In summary, here is what Amtrak has in store for the western Long Distance Business Line, which includes [...]