Tracking Rail News: March 2011 (Grand finale)

Photos and Comments by Russ Jackson

. . . Rail fans all over the country were chasing newly re-painted Amtrak P-42 locomotive 145 in February as it toured the country leading various Amtrak long distance trains. The new paint job is in Amtrak’s “heritage” colors to commemorate Amtrak’s 40 year anniversary coming up […]

Tracking Rail News: February 2011

. . . Photos and Comments by Russ Jackson
Two Amtrak California trainsets at the Sacramento station powered by Amtrak P-42 locomotives.
. . . On January 10 Governor Brown introduced his proposed budget for FY 2010-11. While major reductions are in store for “everyone,” that does not apply to the state rail corridor intercity rail […]

Tracking Rail News: January 2011

Comments by Russ Jackson and photos by Noel Braymer, Bob Snow and Russ Jackson
. . . December: What a month for weather on Amtrak! The country was treated to real wintry weather, some places had snow for the first time in history, the Northeast Corridor between New York and Boston was closed, and California […]

Tracking Rail News: December 2010

Photo and Comments by Russ Jackson
. . . Winter has begun for Amtrak.

One of our classic photos is the westbound California Zephyr #5 at Winter Park, Colorado in the winter of 2000.
The Thanksgiving weekend saw the start of Amtrak’s annual battle with winter weather, and nowhere was it more evident than […]

Tracking Rail News: November 2010

Photos and Commentary by Russ Jackson
John Murphy at the Davis Amtrak station baggage room.
… Retirement and a milestone: We want to note the retirement of veteran Amtrak station agent John Murphy, who has held down the fort at the very busy Davis, CA, station for many years. John’s career included working for the […]

Tracking Rail News: October 2010

Amtrak #5, the California Zephyr, finally arrives at the Reno, NV station platform.

A UP freight train delays the arrival of Amtrak #5 in the Reno trench.
Comments by Russ Jackson
Photos by Bob Snow and Russ Jackson
. . . On Time Performance. With the fiscal year ending in a few days, we will hold off the big numbers until the yearly data is available. September has […]

Tracking Rail News: September 2010

Comments by Russ Jackson
Photos by Mike Palmer, Bob Snow, James Washington and Russ Jackson

Train 5 in the trench at the Reno, NV, station on August 19
This month we will track the On Time Performance of Amtrak Train 5 the California Zephyr that departed Chicago on August 21, as it traveled west to arrive […]

Tracking Rail News: August 2010

The San Joaquin in Bakersfield

Photos and Commentary by Russ Jackson
. . . There’s great news for San Joaquin riders. On July 26 Amtrak announced that on six of the twelve daily trains that now operate with four cars, a fifth car will be added to the trains through Labor Day, increasing capacity by 25% […]

Tracking Rail News: July 2010

Commentary and Photos by Russ Jackson
. . . On Time Performance.  Strange month, what with the mid-west heavy rains causing detours for several trains.  On June 24 heavy rain washed out the BNSF tracks just south of Las Vegas, New Mexico, with repairs expected to take a week and causing Southwest Chief passengers to […]