RailPAC officers are chosen for two-year terms by the RailPAC Board of Directors at the designated election meeting, usually held at the end of each year. Directors are elected by the membership at the annual membership meeting. Associate Directors are chosen by the Board of Directors at the designated election meeting.


  • President:  Paul Dyson, Burbank
  • Executive Vice President:  Robert Manning, Palm Springs
  • Vice President, National Network Services:  James Smith, Los Angeles
  • Secretary / Treasurer:  Marcus Jung, San Francisco
  • Donald Bing, Camarillo
  • Noel Braymer, Oceanside
  • Jarrod DellaChiesa, Brentwood
  • Bruce Jenkins, Sunnyvale
  • Marcia Johnston, Sacramento
  • Steve Roberts, Concord
  • Dennis Story, Santa Barbara
  • William Kerby, Treasurer Emeritus
  • Russ Jackson, Editor Emeritus
  • James Clifton, Treasurer Emeritus

For information about RailPAC:

  • Write to us at:
    c/o Marcus Jung
    PO Box 22344
    San Francisco, CA 94122

See the Membership page for information about joining RailPAC.

California State Legislators

Contact information for all members of the California State Senate and Assembly. The list is current as of Mar. 15 for the 2017 legislative session.