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Metrolink Needs a Plan, and some Leadership

By Noel T. Braymer
Metrolink has failed to fulfill its mission to be the Southern California Regional Rail Passenger Railroad. The official name for Metrolink is the Southern California Regional Rail Authority. Instead the management of Metrolink at its inception was under the impression that they were running a commuter railroad to primarily carry people to […]

RailPAC eNewsletter for December 15, 2014

Metrolink chief Michael P. DePallo quits after two years
Los Angeles Times-Dec 12, 2014
Metrolink’s chief executive officer resigned Friday amid ongoing scrutiny of the six-county commuter railroad’s operations, governance and financial controls.Michael P. DePallo, a former transit leader from New York, stepped down two years after he replaced John Fenton, who left the top post unexpectedly […]

RailPAC eNewsletter for December 8, 2014

FRA waives Buy America rules on high speed train prototypes
Railway Gazette International – Dec 4, 2014
‘FRA believes a waiver is appropriate because domestically-produced high speed trainsets meeting the specific technical, design, and schedule needs of Amtrak and CHSRA are not currently available in the USA’, the letter explains. ‘Moreover, domestically-produced high speed trainsets cannot be […]

Rail Connections to California’s Major Airports

By Noel T. Braymer
California now has some connections by rail at its airports. This will improve over the next 10 to 20 years. The two airports now with the best rail connections are San Francisco International Airport (SFO) and Bob Hope Airport in Burbank near downtown Los Angeles..

SFO has direct and regular service from BART […]

RailPAC rail PHOTOS of the month (November, 2014)

Here are this month’s photos by RailPAC photographers!
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This is Donner Lake at 7000 ft in the […]

Fact Sheet regarding recent inaccurate claims made about Corridor Capital LLC’s and the Indiana Hoosier State route

November 26, 2014
Regarding Mobilization of rail services for the Hoosier State route

• The projected “mobilization costs” for the Hoosier State were provided at Indiana Department of Transportation’s (INDOT) request several days after June 24. 2014, when INDOT advised Corridor Capital LLC (Corridor) it had been chosen through a full procurement process as “preferred vendor” for […]

Trip Report on the Texas Eagle and other trains: How was it?

Commentary by Russ Jackson
Opinions expressed in this report are the author’s, and not necessarily those of the RailPAC Board

This writer and spouse recently completed a November Amtrak circle trip, starting and ending with the Texas Eagle, which covered much of the western United States. For reporting purposes, the information below primarily covers the portion […]