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Annual Steel Wheels Conference


Steel Wheels in California

Saturday – November 15th
California State Railroad Museum Auditorium,  Sacramento

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Members:  $35 / Non-members:  $45

Keynote Speaker:  California Assembly Member Dickinson
Here’s your chance to meet the new NARP President Jim Mathews.
Further speaker information to follow.

Save 15% on Amtrak travel to Sacramento

Additional details to follow.

RailPAC eNewsletter for September 8, 2014

Metrolink’s annual ridership continues to drop Los Angeles Times-Sep 7, 2014 Once hailed as the fastest-growing commuter line in the nation, the railroad has seen its annual ridership drop by almost 595,000 passengers since 2008, with resulting losses in revenue. That and other factors have left the agency squeezed between trimming service or boosting fares, either of [...]

Bipartisan Passenger Rail Legislation introduced in U.S. House

Committee Leaders Introduce Bipartisan Passenger Rail Legislation READ THE BILL at http://transportation.house.gov/uploadedfiles/hr5449.pdf
For Immediate Release: September 11, 2014
Contact: Jim Billimoria, Justin Harclerode

Washington, DC – Transportation and Infrastructure Committee leaders today introduced bipartisan legislation that improves the infrastructure, reduces costs, leverages private sector resources, creates greater accountability and transparency, and accelerates project delivery [...]

Followup Comments re HR5449 regarding Amtrak

NOTE: Below is a commentary on the newly introduced Passenger Rail bill, written by Andrew C. Selden on September 11. The bill was introduced in the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee on the same date. READ THE BILL at http://transportation.house.gov/uploadedfiles/hr5449.pdf

To: Jim Billimoria and Justin Harclerode, U. S. House T & I [...]

RailPAC eNewsletter for September 2, 2014

Las Vegas rail service plans have seen starts, stops Las Vegas Review-Journal-Aug 31, 2014 Although the loan request’s rejection is now more than a year old, there are indications XpressWest may be gearing for another run. In a recent appearance in Las Vegas, Reid said the loan request may resurface in “a matter of months.”“(California Gov.) Jerry Brown [...]

On Board Electrification and Near Zero Emissions for Regional Rail


Dave Cook and Ian Stewart
Rail electrification has been implemented in many urban and regional rail applications in the US and the benefits are numerous. Electrified rail is quiet, quick, clean and generally more reliable and less expensive to operate than similar services with Diesel fueled locomotives. There are significant environmental benefits as well, with the elimination of local [...]

Rail Photos of the Month: August 2014

Here are this month’s photos by RailPAC photographers.
NINE (9) of them this time from everywhere!
Click on each photo to see it full size!
Contributions to this page are welcome. Send your jpg rail photos to Russ Jackson, RailPAC Photo Editor, at info@railpac.org.


Ever wonder where Amtrak’s ex-Santa Fe “Hi Level” cars are? Some are in Chicago, [...]

Price Tops Speed for Attracting Passengers

By Noel T. Braymer
How a person travels depends on several factors. Saving time is nice, but so is saving money. Safety and comfort are also factors in choosing how to travel. The best value for traveling is the best combination of speed, price, comfort and safety. If all things are generally equal, price usually is [...]

RailPAC eNewsletter for August 25, 2014

Deal reached to extend Indiana Amtrak service The Hill-Aug 21, 2014 Indiana transportation officials said they were trying to keep the route viable until a private company could take over the cost of operating the short-distance trains. “For the Hoosier State, we are hoping to build from the experience of North Carolina’s successful Piedmont service, in which [...]