by Noel T. Braymer, RailPAC President – As in any business, time is money when running a railroad. The Union Pacific Railroad is learning this the hard way. In the face of growing traffic Union Pacific’s earning are declining. They are declining because traffic congestion on their lines is causing their trains to run late. The result is less freight being carried, many angry customers and lost business. As RailPAC’s Russ Jackson observed after a recent auto trip to Texas, siding after siding on the UP was clogged with idle freight trains. Because of delays many train crews hit their maximum 12 hour workdays miles away from their intended destination. The UP is already short on train crews so replacement crews often are not available. Many of these trains were left stranded without replacement crews to run them. The trains that are running are hindered by the lack of available sidings on busy mainlines further adding to the slowdown and congestion.

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