AMTRAK/CALTRANS Food Service   November 11th, 2004

A RailPAC Special Report, November, 2004. — In its September issue, the Train Riders Association of California’s (TRAC) “California Rail News” displays a front page photograph taken without permission from the RailPAC website. The photo isn’t shown in its entirety. The entire photo was published in the August 2004, “Western Rail Passenger Review” magazine (on page 6), and was posted to that same month (and is reproduced here). Three people are shown in the edited version with their heads cropped off. The two males are wearing suits and ties as if the editor wants the audience to believe, that “Amtrak suits repeatedly had free dinners at the now-closed Chef Mario’s Island Lighthouse Seafood Grotto.” Absent evidence, does the article’s author hope the gullible will believe the worst as a result of seeing the cropped photo? Read the rest of this entry »

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by Noel T. Braymer, RailPAC President — Faster Rail Passenger service not only increases ridership but also improves productivity. It does this by carrying more passengers per day with the same number of train crews and equipment. To achieve these results require major investments in equipment and trackwork. A fast, efficient railroad infrastructure can benefit not only intercity passenger rail, but commuter and freight services as well. The biggest bottleneck in California to faster intrastate rail service is between the San Fernando Valley and Bakersfield. No single project could do more to improve intercity, commuter and freight service in California.

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