RailPAC 2005 Annual Meeting   February 5th, 2005

Oakland — By Russ Jackson, Secretary

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Bad start to the New Year   February 1st, 2005

by Noel T. Braymer, RailPAC President — Well, to be frank, January stank. The first half of January it rained constantly. The result was washouts and mudslides that disrupted rail service throughout California. Canceled and late trains due to heavy snows in the Midwest and East didn’t help project the image of passenger rail service as the all weather mode. Then came January 26th. One person who thought he had problems wanted to use the rails to kill himself. Now charged with 11 counts of murder he will find out what real trouble is. Mix into this the latest State budget battle with transportation funds being stolen again to help pay the State’s other bills.

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