RailPAC Endorses the Laney Plan for Amtrak with a few Reservations

Rail Passenger Association of California Board of Directors, Adopted June 4, 2005.

Early arrivals at the RailPAC meeting on June 4 at JLS in Oakland listen to guest Gene Skoropowski, Managing Director of the Capitol Corridor and a NARP director. Left to right around the table: Bill Lindley, RailPAC director/website designer […]

Amtrak Food Fight

By RailPAC President Noel T. Braymer — In the wake of Amtrak’s increasing financial problems, there has been increasing pressure on Amtrak to cut costs. The Government Accountability Office (GAO), Congress’s investigative arm, thinks it has found an area ripe for cost savings in Amtrak’s Food Services. Food service has long been a target of […]