Featured Photos for 2005   December 31st, 2005

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Dreaming of future trains   December 1st, 2005

By RailPAC President Noel T. Braymer — This seems the right time of year to reflect on what new rail service we have to look forward to and to dream about new projects. I’m writing about my own personal choices, though I’m sure many share some of my dreams. We have many projects to look forward to. There is light rail service being extended on 3rd St. in San Francisco in 2006 as well as RT light rail service to the Amtrak Station in Sacramento. The SPRINTER between Oceanside and Escondido will be running by 2008. By 2009 the GOLD LINE will be extended from LAUS out to East Los Angeles. Metrolink will see service extended to Perris and half-hourly service in Orange County by 2009. By 2010 the EXPO LINE will be running from Culver City to downtown Los Angeles. Also in 2010 the Dumbarton rail bridge will reopen connecting the Bay Area between the Peninsula and the East Bay. All these projects stared out as a dream.

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