San Joaquin Valley Rail Committee

Fresno — Reported by Russ Jackson

HOT RUMORS in Washington DC are that Norman Mineta will resign as DOT Secretary “in the next 30 days,” and Congressman Bill Thomas, (R-Bakersfield) who announced his retirement this month, will become the next Secretary of the Treasury if Secretary Snow resigns. No speculation about a replacement […]

In America, Passenger Trains get no respect

By RailPAC Director and Review Editor Noel T. Braymer — One of my favorite TV shows is “Mythbusters” on the Discovery Channel. A group of eccentric but technically qualified people put “urban legends” and “common wisdom” to the test to see if they can be true. An example of this is the […]

There are Many Challenges Ahead

By RailPAC President Paul Dyson — It’s a great honor for me to take on the duties of President of RailPAC. Our organization has been very effective in the past in uniting rail passenger advocates and politicians behind a policy of affordable, incremental investments in improving mobility in the state of California. We […]