Coast Rail Coordinating Committee

Reported by Paul Dyson — For the benefit of new readers, the CRCC exists to coordinate activities of the various regional governments who are attempting to expand rail passenger service on the coast route between Los Angeles and San Francisco.

The meeting was rather poorly attended, Pete Rodgers of SLOCOG, Mike Powers of […]

SCAG Maglev Task Force

Reported by Paul Dyson, RailPAC President — This is the first of these meetings that I have attended and so some of these observations may be old news to many of you.
Although the Task Force is meant to focus on the core line from West Los Angeles to Ontario Airport, the majority of […]

What Amtrak Should Be Doing to Improve its Food Service Revenue

SPECIAL REPORT — Food and beverage service on Amtrak doesn’t have to be something akin to a national shame. It has the potential to be pleasant, profitable, and nourishing. It has the potential to be good, rather than a necessity begrudgingly dished out by a common carrier with no ambition for good passenger service.

There is […]

Take the Train to Catch Your Plane!

By RailPAC Director and Review Editor Noel T. Braymer — Major airports generate lots of traffic. LAX alone averages over 160,000 passengers a day. Airports are also major employment centers, with many airport employees commuting to the airport every day. Further, airports are commercial centers with many businesses that want to be […]

Grade Separation Projects a High Priority

By RailPAC President Paul Dyson — I’m writing this on 24th of February on a typical news day; an attack on a Saudi Refinery, controversy over a toll road route through a state park, and Burbank is the sixth sootiest city in the US. Everyday there are reminders of the wrong […]