Matrix Theory is not the name of a movie

By Noel T. Braymer, Editor, Western Rail Passenger Review — The late Dr. Adrian Herzog was a very smart guy. It helps to be smart when you’re a college professor at Cal State Northridge. This is even more so when you teach Astronomy and Physics. Adrian’s love for trains seems to have been […]

Proposals to ease gridlock at LAX

By Paul Dyson, RailPAC President — Once again our public officials have failed to propose expanding a transportation system that is both affordable and practicable and could link LAX to over 60 stations in 6 counties. Our underdeveloped Metrolink service could be extended along an existing, publicly owned right of way from south of […]

RailPAC Board Position Statement

The Rail Passenger Association of California took several positions regarding current rail passenger issues at its Board meeting July 8, 2006, in Oakland.

RailPAC vigorously supports the startup of the Coast Daylight train, which will operate between downtown San Francisco’ s Caltrain Station and Los Angeles Union Station daily. This project has been […]

Building California’s passenger rail future

By Frank Busalacchi –Travelers across America and throughout California are voting in record numbers for expanded passenger-rail service in the United States. These “votes” are coming in the form of record passenger-rail ridership. Amtrak ridership increased in fiscal year 2005 to 25,374,998, marking the third straight year of passenger gains for […]

RailPAC Supports Changes to the Sunset Limited Route

By Richard Silver, Executive Director — RailPAC has just heard that there will be a change in the California portion of the Sunset Limited Route in the Ontario/Pomona area.

Specifically, the train will follow the current route out of LA Union Station, stop at the Pomona station, and then after leaving Pomona will change to […]

The Coast Starlate: Why it Matters

By Noel Braymer, Editor, Western Rail Passenger Review –Since last October, the COAST STARLIGHT on-time performance has dropped to about 2%. Most of the delays happen between Dunsmuir, California, and Chemult, Oregon. In this mountainous area rail breaks are so common that welding crews can’t keep up with the repairs and 10 mph slow orders […]