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200606-5 200607-1 Metrolink in Three color Schemes. Ace And Sounder too. 6/13/2006
200607-3 200607-capitol Palm Springs RailPAC meeting 6/03/2006
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Editorial by Noel Braymer

Transportation remains a major issue in the whole country with 70% of transportation measures winning nationwide this November 7th. This is according to the Center for Transportation Excellence in Washington. In California 10 counties were voting to enact or renew local sales taxes that would go for transportation. Tulare County passed a new sales tax. Fresno, Orange and San Joaquin Counties voted to extend existing sales taxes. Sale tax measures for transportation in Kern, Merced, Santa Barbara, and Stanislaus Counties all received majority approval, but failed to win a two/thirds vote required for passage. Marin and Sonoma Counties had a joint sales tax measure. The measure won two/thirds in Sonoma but not in Marin County. The result was the measure failed.

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By Bruce Jenkins, RailPAC Director

On Sunday, 9/24/06, my wife and I boarded VIA train #2 “The Canadian” at Vancouver. Sleeping car passengers are required to check in at 1630 (1 hr prior to departure time). You are then entertained on “the patio” (the old platform adjacent to the stub end of the tracks at Central Station) by live music and refreshments. Luggage is deposited in your bedroom, all part of the “Silver & Blue” service. The train is in two sections on adjacent tracks and is connected by pulling out the forward section then backing to the aft section. The total consist comprises 30 cars, made up of 1 baggage car , 2 coaches, 5 dome club cars, 3 diners and 19 sleeping cars. Three locomotives are required, 2 for prime movers and 1 for hotel power. The consist is made up into groups of 3 or more sleepers, dome and diner. The baggage, coaches and a dome are behind the locomotives. The east bound trains dead head about 6 sleepers and one diner to Toronto.

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