Train PHOTOS of the Month

Three (3) For the month of May, 2007
The California Zephyr, the San Joaquin, and the Sunset Limited!

1. The California Zephyr, Amtrak train #6, proudly waits to depart from the Sacramento train station on April 3, 2007. While timekeeping for the Zephyr (0% endpoint on time since October 1, 2006) has been a major problem, […]

Caltrain Electrification

Commentary by Richard Silver, RailPAC Executive Director
April 15, 2007
RailPAC Alert:Letter: Caltrain electrification will allow more small-town stops!

The letter below by Menlo Park Resident Clem Miller is right on point. We, RailPAC, have tried to raise these points to the member of the Coalition to Expand Transit Service (Certs) but they refuse to listen. […]

March CA Corridor statistics!

By Gene Skoropowski Managing Director, CCJPA
We have just received the March 2007 results, and for the Capitol Corridor it is yet another record high in both ridership and revenue, even with our still-lackluster 73% on-time performance (but that is getting better as well, April to date is 80%). Implementation of the Union Pacific’s test […]

RailPAC Videos on YouTube

From Noel Braymer
In just under a month the video highlights of the Kummant Speech in Los Angeles on March 17th has 1,010 views. The highlights of Andy Selden’s presentation at the same meeting is now at 301. The posting of the first half of Dr. Herzog’s presentation in 1985 about Matrix Theory is already at […]

Funding For Rail Expansion In California – Grade Separation Projects

RailPAC Policy Initiative
Grade Separation Funding – RailPAC’s view.

RailPAC is concerned that a disproportionate amount of passenger rail funds is spent on grade separation projects.  We believe that the State of California does not spend nearly enough on this important aspect of public safety.  However, we need a new funding formula and mechanism to ensure equity […]