Featured Photos for 2008

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Featured Photos for 2007

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Rail PHOTOS of the Year, another look

By Russ Jackson, RailPAC website Editor
The photos below represent the many of MY PHOTOS that appeared on this site during 2007. They are worth a second look! My thanks to the other contributing photographers this year, including Noel Braymer, Mike Palmer, Mike Barnbaum, and Bob Snow.


The Deming, New Mexico Amtrak […]

POLAR EXPRESS at the Rail Museum

A Trip Report! By Robert F. Mac Donald
The California State Rail Museum ushered in the 2007 holiday season with cookies and hot chocolate. To the delight of kids, young and old, they were invited on board the Museum’s “Polar Express” at the old Central Pacific Depot in “Old Town” Sacramento, CA.

This “Polar […]

California Amtrak Stats for November

From Capitol Corridor Managing Director Gene Skoropowski
We have just received the November 2007 stats from Amtrak, the second month of the FY08 federal fiscal year.

For the Capitol Corridor, the ridership and revenue numbers again show continue substantial growth. There was also substantial ridership growth on the San Joaquins, and continued modest growth […]

Rail PHOTOS for the Christmas-Holiday season

From around California and one that’s a bit different!
With MANY GREETINGS of the season from the RailPAC Officers, Directors, and editorial staff.

The California State Rail Museum in Sacramento greets 2007 Christmastime visitors with decorated locomotive 1915 as they enter. (Russ Jackson photo)

The 1992 Chistmas tree at Los Angeles Union Station is one of […]