Enewsletter for June 9, 2014

Behold Union Station’s Huge Plans: Sub-Train Concourse, New Terminal, Fred Harvey Revived Curbed Los Angeles Jun 3, 2014 Much of the impetus for the new plans is an expected increase in patronage; today’s 70,000 daily riders could explode to 140,000 by 2040, assuming the high-speed rail line ever gets built. Should that happen, *California High-Speed Rail (not [...]

Enewsletter for June 2, 2014

Union Station to get $350 million in track upgrades Los Angeles Times-May 27, 2014 The Southern California Regional Interconnector Project is designed to benefit travelers by installing four sections of track that will enable Amtrak and Metrolink trains to run straight through the terminal, eliminating the 15 to 20 minutes it now takes to enter and exit [...]

eNewsletter for May 27, 2014

Brown doubles down on high-speed rail amid calls for restraint  SFGate-May 16, 2014  Preparing for looming budget battles with the Democratic-controlled Legislature, Gov. Jerry Brown warned Friday that lawmakers must balance “desire and need” for expensive social programs – even as he defiantly doubled down on support for the increasingly unpopular high-speed rail system, saying it remains [...]

eNewsletter for May 19, 2014

A Deeper Look at LAX Connection Proposals Let’s Go LA May 13, 2014 In short, it seems that the central question of an efficient connection between LAX ground side transport and LA Metro has still not been resolved acceptably. This is LAX’s idea of a good connection between their People Mover with LA Metrorail. LAX wants Merto to [...]

eNewsletter for May 14, 2014

This is the RailPAC table for National Train Day at the Santa Barbara Train Station organized by Dennis and Peggy Story. In the picture visiting our table is Das Williams of the California State Assembly. Also visiting RailPAC in Santa Barbara last Saturday were State Senator Hannah Beth Jackson who also rode the train to [...]

eNewsletter for May 5, 2014

Union Station celebrating its 75th anniversary Saturday San Bernardino Sun-Apr 29, 2014 “This is more than just a party,” Metropolitan Transportation Authority spokesman Marc Littman said. “We’re showcasing Union Station as the hub of L.A. County’s expanding transit system.”Metro will hold a rededication ceremony at the station’s Old Ticket Concourse at 10 a.m.

May 5, 2014 Part 1
May [...]

eNewsletter for April 28, 2014

Metro Board approves contract for Union Station regional rail improvements The Source Apr 24, 2014 As part of the consent calendar, the Metro Board of Directors unanimously approved Item 21, a $31-million contract for engineering work to extend regional rail tracks south from Union Station — so that trains don’t all have to enter and exit the [...]

eNewsletter for April 21, 2014

State Senate President Steinberg’s proposal might look like a setback for High Speed Rail since this proposes less direct funding from Cap and Trade than what the Governor was proposing. But the Cap and Trade funding  for High Speed Rail is “securitized” as propsed, that means the High Speed Rail Authority could leverage the Cap and [...]

eNewsletter for April 14, 2014

Oregon, Washington Consider Alternative To Amtrak For Cascades …OPB News-Apr 10, 2014 Oregon and Washington might turn to a private company to operate its Cascades rail service. The two states are testing the waters to see if anyone other than Amtrak is interested in operating the route that includes Seattle, Portland and Eugene. Most commuter rail services today [...]

Enewsletter for April 7, 2014

Parking Sanity: Right Price Good for Congestion, Transit, & Revenue  Atlantic Cities Apr 2, 2014  Costanza’s universal theory of parking states that drivers should never pay for a spot because, if they apply themselves, they’ll get it for free. Most U.S. cities do everything they can to abide the theory. They undervalue the price of street [...]