Why RailPAC supports High Speed Rail; Why RailPAC is not a cheerleader for the CHSRA

Why RailPAC supports High Speed Rail
Why RailPAC is not a cheerleader for the CHSRA

We have been asked many times about our support for the California High Speed Rail program, particularly as we have always supported an incremental approach to intercity passenger train development. It’s a fair question and one that will receive a qualified […]

The New Coast Daylight!

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We support a new daily passenger train linking the Central Coast during the day.  For more than twenty years, work on a new Coast Daylight train service has led to studies without results.
The Coast Rail Coordinating Council, a voluntary coalition of regional transportation agencies is leading the service planning, and has prepared a realistic, immediately doable operating plan.  However […]

Upcoming Rail Meeting Event Calendar

Prepared by Mike Barnbaum, RailPAC Associate Director
The legislation discussed at the April San Joaquin Valley Rail Committee and associated infrastructure changes forthcoming at the Sacramento Valley (Amtrak) Station set the slate for a busy calendar ahead for California and the West Coast. Here is the latest of what we do know through September 30th.

Monday […]

RailPAC Board Endorses High Speed Rail Business Plan

For release April 6, 2012.

Board calls for highest priority for “Bridging the Gap” between Bakersfield and Los Angeles.

Interim service offerings and the blended approach will only be successful if passengers are offered a single seat ride between the maximum number of origins and destinations.

While endorsing Caltrain electrification RailPAC Board calls for a rolling program of […]

Amtrak California gets to the Coachella Valley

RailPAC Report by Russ Jackson, Robert Manning, and from the Amtrak.com timetable. Photo by Robert Manning.
In its revised schedule dated December 5, 2011, Amtrak California quietly added a new train-bus service finally recognizing the importance of travel from Palm Springs, Indio, and the Coachella Valley to/from Los Angeles. Until then the only Amtrak […]

Comparing The Benefits Of The First $7 Billion Investment In California High Speed Rail—Bakersfield North vs. Bakersfield South

2012CalHSRCommentaryR2A. Chart

Commentary by Ralph James, RailPAC Member, Blue Canyon CA
This commentary is a follow-up to this writer’s original commentary entitled “Is California High Speed Rail on Track for Successful Implementation?”, published in spring 2010 illustrating the futility of spending early HSR dollars in the Central Valley as compared to other sections of the ultimate HSR route.

In […]

Amtrak Updates Fleet Strategy Plan

Commentary by Jarrod DellaChiesa, Director
I wish this was an April Fools prank, but it isn’t.
Amtrak today released an updated Fleet Strategy Plan, but not suprisingly, all attention is still focused on single-level services and the NEC.  Electric locomotives (to be made in California) and single-level cars have been ordered, and Amtrak announced in February that […]

Metrolink CEO Kicks off Steel Wheel in California

On Saturday, March 19 Chair Richard Katz provided opening comments for the 4th Annual Steel Wheels in California conference hosted by RailPAC and NARP. Over 200 rail professionals gathered in the L.A. Metro board room for a conference providing information and education to “opinion formers and decision makers” and grass roots supporters of the rail industry. Chairman Katz […]

Officials Tour Rail Line: San Jose to Soledad

Boarding Starlight in San Jose

On March 3, 2011, the Transportation Agency of Monterey County (TAMC) led a tour of the rail line from San Jose to Soledad. Elected officials, agency staff and other interested persons rode the Amtrak Coast Starlight from San Jose to Soledad, with a stop in Salinas.

Dave Potter, Monterey County District 1 supervisor and Chair of […]