RailPAC eNewsletter for October 20, 2014

California High-Speed Rail Gets Go-Ahead Daily Beast – Oct 15, 2014 The final legal obstacle for California’s bullet-train plan was overcome Wednesday when the California Supreme Court decided not to review a lawsuit against the state’s funding plan. This means that the construction can legally begin. The issue was whether the California High-Speed Rail Authority had acted [...]

Amtrak’s largest, most effective, and least subsidized services, the long distance trains and how to save them

Commentary and a trip report by Andrew C. Selden
NOTE: Mr. Selden is President of MinnARP, and is the newly elected President of URPA. He will be a speaker at the RailPAC November 15, 2014 Conference in Sacramento.

The challenge of operating passenger trains, and in particular the higher revenue long distance trains (Amtrak’s largest, [...]

HISTORY OF AMTRAK and what has happened since 1971

Commentary by Anthony Haswell, Vice President, Arizona Rail Passenger Association
prepared for National Train Day, May 10, 2014, in Tucson, Arizona
NOTE: Mr. Haswell is the founding father of NARP. He lives in Tucson, Arizona.

The first job of any historian is to determine when a historical event began. Since Amtrak was created to deal [...]

RailPAC eNewsletter for October 13, 2014

Amtrak busing delayed passengers Toledo Blade-Oct 7, 2014 Chronic passenger train delays of eight to 12 hours between Toledo and Chicago have prompted Amtrak to begin busing passengers on that route. Amtrak started busing customers on Sunday when the train was more than 10 hours late, said Amtrak spokesman Christina Leeds…She said the passenger train delays are caused [...]

Capitol Corridor Monthly Report (September, 2014)

Reported by David B. Kutrosky, Managing Director
Capitol Corridor Joint Powers Authority
Service Performance Overview
The Capitol Corridor ended FY 2014 with a bang. In September 2014, a total
of 119,034 passengers rode Capitol Corridor trains, an impressive increase
of 7.6% compared to September 2013, which also marks the sixth consecutive
month of ridership increases for the service. Revenue for September [...]

The VictorvilleTri-State Junction

By Noel T. Braymer
There are plans to build High Speed Rail from Las Vegas to Victorville on I-15 and then run these trains to Palmdale on the right of way of a proposed new highway between these 2 cities. From Palmdale the Las Vegas trains could be extended to Burbank sharing the California High Speed [...]

RailPAC eNewsletter for October 6, 2014

UPDATE: Amtrak angles to keep control of Hoosier State route Indianapolis Business Journal – Oct 1, 2014 A little-used, delay-plagued passenger rail line from Indianapolis to Chicago has become a battleground, as Amtrak tries to fend off competition invited by the Indiana Department of Transportation.

October 6, 2014
The above copy of this enewletter is on a PDF file [...]

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Amtrak’s northbound Vermonter, which travels the NEC to that state from Washington DC daily, is arriving [...]