It Is Heard, 2008-11-08

  • Reliable sources from Amtrak West report that negotiations related to the Los Angeles to Las Vegas Talgo Train have run into difficulty and the earliest this services is expected to go into operation is in late 1999, but more likely in 2000. This extra Talgo equipment might be placed into service on the Amtrak San Joaquins until needed on the Las Vegas run. So, while you won’t be able to take a new Talgo to Las Vegas anytime soon, you can ride one to Bakersfield instead!
  • Control of the “Amtrak Capitols” have been taken over by the new Joint Powers Board. Over the next 5 years or so they hope to increase the number of Capitol trains to ten per day. On the sad side, the new Joint Powers Board declined to participate in the Comprehensive Amtrak California Timetable project. (Does this mean they didn’t want to contribute funds to produce it?) As a result, Amtrak California has decided to not produce this useful timetable. Thus, don’t look for that convenient pocket guide at your local Amtrak station! The last edition contained comprehensive timetables for the San Diegans, San Joaquins, Capitols, Coast Starlight, Sunset Limited/Texas Eagle, Southwest Chief and California Zephyr. It all provided brief maps of the Light Rail Transit systems in San Diego, San Jose, Los Angeles, as well as BART. Maps were also included for Caltrain and Metrolink along with connection information to all of the above rail systems as well as quite a bit of other useful information. These handy pocket Amtrak California Timetables will be missed!