RailPAC Endorses High Speed Rail bond issue and AB 3034

April 24, 2008

At its regular April Board meeting yesterday the Board of Directors of RailPAC unanimously endorsed the placing of the California High Speed Rail Bonds Initiative on the November, 2008 ballot. In addition the Board endorsed the provisions of AB 3034 which lays out various terms and conditions governing the expenditure of the bond proceeds.

While most Board members have concerns about various aspects of the High Speed Rail Program, the strong consensus is that overall the program is vital to bring surface transportation in California up to 21st Century standards, as well as bringing a host of environmental and economic benefits. In addition to High Speed Rail the bond proceeds and associated matching funds will pay for important upgrades to existing services that will connect with High Speed Rail. RailPAC will be closely monitoring pending legislation affecting the bond issue as well as working with state officials and elected representatives to ensure that both the High Speed Rail funds and the associated funds for rail connections are properly spent. RailPAC will be actively campaigning for the Bond measure between now and November.

RailPAC is a non-profit California Corporation run entirely by volunteers to promote passenger rail service in California and the neighboring states.

For information contact:
Paul Dyson, President, 818 845 9599