Eating at Los Angeles Union Station gets better

PHOTO report by Russ Jackson At the right is the Sunset Limited ready to depart LAUS on February 4, 2011, the date of all 7 photos in this report. In the background is the MTA tower, site of the RailPAC-NARP meeting on March 19. While visiting the train station for the meeting, be sure to check out the various new places to eat inside, as well as some old standbys and one not yet to be. To accommodate the new “eateries” the Hertz and Budget rental car stands have moved next to the Amtrak ticket windows.

Now let’s look at what is there.

Sees Candies has opened at the east end of the Waiting Room. RailPAC VP South James Smith took us on the tour of the new places. That candy sure looks good!
The Traxx restaurant and the nearby bar have served upscale meals for some time, located just inside the main entrance, across from longstanding newsstand and Union Bagels.
The arrival-departure board was working for departures, but out of order for arrivals.
Famima!! is a convenience store with many fresh food items, located behind the arrival-departure board.
Wetzels Pretzels has opened next to the Red Line entrance. Their giant size hotdogs wrapped in pretzel dough look great!
Subway Sandwiches has opened next to the baggage room entrance with their full menu of sandwiches, chips and drinks.
Sadly, the classic Fred Harvey restaurant which closed in 1967 has yet to be reopened, but is available for lease!